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About Nexpedition

Nexpedition Tours is your opportunity to experience Iceland at its best. We are a small team working closely together to provide high quality, tailor made service. We aim at ensuring that our guests will have a great fun, blissful relax and memorable adventures. We do that by recognizing your needs and expectations and answering them with dedicated tours. Nexpedition combines vast experience in tourism with great knowledge of Icelandic nature and culture and passion for working with people.

Here’s what we offer:

1. Dedicated, tailor made service

You can come along with friends, family or work colleagues and have trips perfectly adjusted to your small group. It is not a big, standardized process, where you have to follow the schedule and submit to plan already set. In Nexpedition you have freedom to decide and we are here to spoil you.

2. Experience/ knowledge/ passion

Thanks to our experience, knowledge and passion we present to you well-planned, exciting tours. We can also competently advise you and assist in planning your own, original route. We react to changing circumstances to make sure you will waste no time and enjoy the best of Iceland.

3. Our cars

Cars? Yes, cars. When you head out into the astonishing Icelandic wilderness you want to be comfortable when you travel. That’s why we invested in a cars that are elegant and reliable. Our MiniVan has cool looks, spacious and cozy interior. We can turn the chairs around, so you can talk to your friends face to face and have fun while we drive. Our 4×4 Super Jeep is cut to be a fearless explorer of the off-road tracks but it also gives you all the features and luxuries you need to enjoy not only exciting but also comfortable ride.